The 15 Time Wasters of Sales and Marketing Departments



XANT was the first hosted lead response management and sales automation CRM solution with built-in dialers and voice messaging tools. The solution was designed specifically for companies that sell remotely and therefore demand more powerful tools to eliminate timewasters for their employees.

While technology eliminates several time-wasters some problem areas still remain. More time is often wasted as a result of poor strategy, bad hiring, unqualified leadership, and a lack of performance management than from any other sales tactics we observed. These problems often lay outside the realm of our products and services but due to the widespread need for advice in these areas, we have spent a great deal of time analyzing them and searching for solutions.

There is also a brand new area of focus that we call Lead Response Management. 

This involves three key areas:

1-     Responding to your lead inquiries at the optimal time for highest success.

2-     Making enough attempts to guarantee a contact. 

3-     Putting in place a lead nurturing plan to stay in touch with your leads over time.

Pay particular attention to Time Wasters #6 and #7.

The result: This online series highlights the 15 time-wasters we have observed in nearly every business with whom we have associated since rolling out our product in 2004. Each section will address a single major time waster and provide a “best practice” that will give you a place to start eliminating the problem.

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