Does the weather affect the chance of getting a prospect on the phone? XANT CEO and Founder Dave Elkington thought it might and decided to test his theory. XANT is commonly known for its dialer software, PowerDialer, that has helped customers improve contact rates by up to 65 percent, increase call volumes by up to…

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It’s been a busy past few weeks here at XANT with attending Dreamforce and now Oracle OpenWorld this week. We became a Silver member in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), and this week we announced the integration of the PowerDialer into the Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service. We are excited to be expanding our product availability…

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PowerDialer for Salesforce™, the most heavily downloaded dialer app on the Salesforce® AppExchange, has gained popularity because of its ease of use, ability to increase contact rates and the fact that it supports the native Salesforce reporting environment. But don’t take our word for it. Our reviews in the AppExchange speak for themselves. 8/15/2012 –…

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The ability to nurture your leads overtime through ELF just got a whole lot easier. With the most recent release of XANT’s ELF, users gain additional powerful features making their drip marketing and lead nurturing tools even more effective. In the latest announcement, ELF now allows users the ability to trigger events based on actual…

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A client of ours recently increased their sales revenue by 105 percent by implementing PowerDialer. Do I have your attention, yet? Using a standard predictive dialer, our client was lucky if they made 25 outbound calls a day. By simply implementing our dialer solution, PowerDialer, among other XANT products, they easily increased their average outbound calls a…

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Inside sales entrepreneur Ken Krogue recently responded to a comment on his blog, asking what the key principles, or key concepts should be when looking for a dialer system to improve sales performance and productivity.

His response was short, but insightful, so with his permission I’m re-posting it here.

Question: Other than cost, what features are important while using a hosted dialer?

Ken’s Answer:

That’s an interesting question. On the surface the basic concept is the same for all of them–make more calls and make better use of agent time.

The differences really depend on . . . .

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As a vendor that specializes in dialer technology and software for sales teams, we get asked this question a lot—”Why won’t you sell / why are you biased against predictive dialers?”

The honest answer is that we don’t want to be part of the telemarketing crowd that calls you at dinner time and makes you say, “No, I don’t want that!” seven times before they finally hang up.

We want to work with professional inside sales people who happen to sell remotely, not telemarketers. It’s a specific choice we made.

Our biggest source of clients is those who come to us looking for a predictive dialer to call their business to consumer (B2C) leads. The first question we ask them is, “How much are you paying for your leads and can you afford to burn many of them?”

They always say “I pay a lot. And no, of course not – I don’t want to burn them… what do you mean?”

Then we point them to the FCC web pages with legislation against predictive dialers and the high annoyance they have caused over the years that have resulted in laws being passed. We show them that Predictive Dialers annoy and burn as many as 3% of their leads EVERY TIME THEY ARE CALLED. If you multiply that by the 7 to 12 times it takes to call a lead before you make contact, they are probably annoying about 1/3 to 1/2 of their list over time . . . .

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