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10 Benefits of Account-Based Marketing

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Account-Based Marketing Explained

What is Account-Based Marketing?

B2B marketers often run campaigns that reach far and wide in an attempt to appeal to as many organizations as possible.

Account-based marketing (ABM), which is also referred to as key account marketing, has a more strategic approach that concentrates sales, based on account awareness or marketing resources. Businesses are targeted within a market using distinctly defined marketing data, for example, personalized promotions designed to resonate with each prospect.

Who Uses Account-Based Marketing?

No onboarding process should be complete without new sales team members listening to a variety of model sales calls to learn and practice from. Scripts or call monologues can be used alongside calls.


Benefits of ABM

More Cost-Effective

Most Cost-Effective

Because account-based marketing needs more account-level personalization than conventional marketing, it usually costs more to execute. Nevertheless, developments in marketing technology have allowed marketers to utilize ABM for much less than before and at a much larger scale.

Less Waste

ABM helps marketers focus on the important needs of their most valuable clients and stops basic sales pitches. The nature of account-based marketing means that marketers can target market programs explicitly enhanced for targeted accounts allowing them to focus their resources more effectively and reducing resource waste.

Personalized Communication

Communications and messages are bespoke, personalized, and account-specific, meaning campaigns reach targeted clients more meaningfully. If the content is specifically aimed at them and applies to their business needs, prospective customers are more likely to connect with you.

Better Return on Investment

The 2014 Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA) Account-Based Marketing Survey discovered that “ABM delivers the highest Return on Investment of any B2B marketing strategy or tactic.” Successful account-based marketing drives clear business results in relation to other marketing initiatives.

Team Development

Account-based marketing also enables salespeople to develop and track best practices and guides strategy and planning. This, in turn, improves teams even more to support ongoing programs.


Goal Specific

When you’re evaluating the success of campaigns, whether web, ads, email, or events, it’s simpler to make clear decisions, because you look at a reduced set of focused accounts instead of a sizable collection of metrics.

Better Marketing and Sales Coordination

Account-based marketing will align your sales and marketing strategies and teams because the mindset of the marketer will be like that of the salesperson.

For example, the ABM marketer will need to think about prospective accounts, how to target clients, how to create appointments, and mostly how to generate revenue.

Quicker Sales

Using account-based marketing techniques to eliminate wasted prospects early in the game, businesses can enjoy a shorter sales cycle. Marketing and sales teams can concentrate their energy exclusively on the accounts which are most likely to produce revenue.

Greater Expertise

Account-based marketing pushes you to know your target audience better rather than the broader market understanding you had before. Thinking on a more personal level and increasing familiarization and intent, build higher expertise.

Stand Out More

Account-based marketing will differentiate your efforts from competitors and offer services that exclude the rest of the selling competition. Reputation is an essential factor in B2B, and this customization approach will make your business stand out from the rest.

Key Principles

    • Tailored campaigns
    • Client-centric and relationship building
    • Outside-in problem solving
    • Integrated sales and marketing collaboration
    • Business growth

If your marketing isn’t working, or if you feel like your sales department is always complaining about a lack of affiliation with marketing, maybe it’s time to try something new. ABM can help you correctly measure marketing ROI, improve inter-business efficiency, and reduce the size of the sales force you need.

Has your business switched to account-based marketing tactics yet? If so, what difference has it made to your organization? Please share your comments below.

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