I’ve heard “unprecedented,” “challenging,” “historic,” “unbelievable” and similar words more times in the past 10 days than in the combined 20 years of my life before last week. They’re the right words to describe the events that have unfolded and continue to unfold with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those closest to me are doing well, even though we’ve had our moments of angst, I sincerely hope the same for you – your family, friends and colleagues.

As CEO of XANT and a career revenue leader, I’ve wondered how best to support our customers and other companies as we collectively navigate these uncharted waters on a global scale. I know how difficult these times can be to anyone in a revenue role trying to succeed in this new normal.

I asked my team to create a no-cost program that leverages our technology platform, Playbooks, to help companies and those in revenue generation/retention roles as they transition to a work-from-home setting. We announced the program, XANT CARES, on March 20th. Our goal is to provide our technology to help companies get through what we all hope is a short-term challenge.

XANT wants to help you succeed. We hope this program does just that.

Chris Harrington

Together We Win

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*Note: As part of the XANT Cares program, Playbooks is only compatible with Salesforce and MSFT Dynamics 365.

*What to expect with XANT CARES.