XANT Teams With BYU Computer Science Department


Provo, Utah—November 9, 2010—XANT, the leading provider of software solutions for inside sales professionals, announced today a relationship with the Brigham Young University Neural Network and Machine Learning Laboratory in the Computer Science Department, to further the advancement of computer system artificial intelligence (AI) applications for sales professionals.

As information systems produce increasingly vast amounts of data, traditional models of sales and marketing that largely rely on intuition and “gut instinct” are being pushed aside by organizations with technologies that can sift through the data and make intelligent decisions in real time. The result is sales intelligence that provides massive growth and productivity at levels previously unknown.

“The power that AI and machine learning can provide to business is just starting to catch up to the rapid evolution of computer systems,” stated Tony Martinez, Professor and Director of the BYU Neural Networks and Machine Learning Laboratory. “There are many scenarios where these technologies can positively impact business practices.”

XANT has already conducted landmark research with James Oldroyd, PhD., while he was at the Kellogg School of Management and MIT’s Sloan School of Management that has made an impact in the areas of sales analytics and lead response management. The BYU partnership falls in line with the company’s mission to provide intelligent sales technology.

“Working with the BYU Computer Science Department demonstrates our ongoing commitment to research,” said XANT CEO, David Elkington. “Machine learning, neural networks and predictive analytics are starting to change business practices, and we want to continue to lead out in this exciting frontier to help our clients look beyond the current horizon, to find new ways technology can help them succeed.”

About XANT:

XANT was the first company to combine dialer technology in a hosted CRM, dramatically increasing productivity for Inside Sales departments and outbound call centers. XANT pioneered the Lead Response Management (LRM) industry using landmark research on the significant effect of responding to web leads immediately. XANT is currently on the Salesforce.com AppExchange with its award-winning PowerDialer for Salesforce.

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