XANT Releases Version 2.0 of its Web Services API


Provo, UT — July 29, 2010 — XANT, the leading provider of software solutions for inside sales professionals, today announced the production release of version 2.0 of its Integration Suite and Web services application programming interface (API). The new release adds enhanced documentation, security, development tools, reporting and protocols.

“In our goal to provide the best technology solutions to the inside sales industry, we are constantly striving to innovate and enhance our suite of sales enablement solutions,” explained David Elkington, CEO and Chairman of XANT. “The enhancements to the XANT Integration Suite and API are a reflection of this pursuit. We give credit to our customers and partners for the unique insights and direction who worked closely in defining and developing these key improvements.”

The version 2.0 release of the XANT Integration Suite and API includes the following components:

  • Documentation Portal — A portal of customer customized documentation.
  • Security Dashboard — A dashboard to manage security tokens, approved IP addresses, users and permissions.
  • Sample Code Library — A broad library of code (including Perl, python, php, ruby, Java, C#.Net VB.Net) to demonstrate all key functions and features.
  • REST and SOAP APIs — New enhanced SOAP and REST APIs facilitating granular access to all data.
  • Logging and Reporting Dashboard — A dashboard enabling detailed analysis of API usage and access.

Thomas Purdy, Director of Technology stated, “While we had some great features in our previous services, we wanted to standardize the available actions for every data point in our system, while also making the system more flexible. Originally, we built our data exchange format to run exclusively on SOAP [simple object access protocol], but when we expanded the core features, we also added a REST [representational state transfer] layer to give clients a second option for using those services without sacrificing functionality.”

Elkington added, “The ability to easily exchange, manipulate, and re-appropriate data across multiple services and platforms is one of the greatest benefits of cloud computing. Because Web-based data infrastructures use fairly standardized protocols, having a good Web services platform gives our enterprise clients the power and flexibility they need to really utilize the value of their data, in ways that will ultimately help them save time and increase productivity.”

Press Contact:
Ken Krogue

About XANT

XANT was the first company to combine dialer technology in a hosted CRM like salesforce.com to increase productivity for Inside Sales and lead generation departments. Its power dialer platform does not allow the abandonment of calls like a traditional predictive dialer while actually predicting who to call and when to call to increase sales. XANT pioneered immediate response technology after landmark research with MIT, Kellogg, and SKKU on the significant effect of responding to web leads immediately. XANT offers seamless integration with salesforce.com with its award-winning PowerDialer for Salesforce.

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