XANT Founders Among Top 25 Most Influential Leaders in the Inside Sales Industry

Thursday, May 13, 2010 — Provo, UT — XANT, the leader in web-based phone dialer software and lead management technology for Inside Sales organizations, today announced that David Elkington, CEO, and Ken Krogue, President, were recognized as two of the Top 25 Most Influential Leaders in the Inside Sales Industry by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP.)

The AA-ISP is the recognized association for the Inside Sales industry. The 2010 Leadership Summit of the AA-ISP is the 2nd annual event that is held to improve the professionalism and performance of leaders and management in the Inside Sales industry. It boasted attendance of the world leaders representing Inside Sales from companies such as GE, HP, IBM, Apple, Motorola, ADP, Oracle and Salesforce.com.

“The broad success of the event demonstrates that inside sales has finally become an industry instead of just a department in the sales organization,” said David Elkington, CEO of XANT. “Additionally, the efficiency and effectiveness of Inside Sales has projected it over outside sales with a reported 15 times faster growth rate of new jobs over the next three years. Being recognized as having helped influence the growth of Inside Sales is extremely humbling.”

Nominations for the Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals came from sales leaders and individuals, technology leaders, and the supporting crew of consultants, trainers, and authors. Nominations were reviewed by the AA-ISP Leadership and Advisory Board with final selections made by the AA-ISP Selection Committee.

“I’ve never attended a leadership summit or tradeshow with this much attention to detail, quality experience, and relevant presentations,” said Ken Krogue, President. “I was grateful to be recognized, but far more grateful for the work by the team at AA-ISP, who obviously have a deep passion about promoting the industry of Inside Sales. I’m predicting this event will quadruple by this time next year, and XANT is committed to this growth.” Go to https://www.aa-isp.org for more information.

About XANT

XANT was the first company to combine dialer technology in a hosted CRM like salesforce.com to dramatically increase productivity for Inside Sales departments as well as outbound call centers. XANT is also known most as the pioneer of immediate response technology after landmark research with Kellogg and SKKU on the significant effect of responding to web leads immediately. The award-winning PowerDialer for Salesforce is the first native power dialer available that is fully integrated to the Salesforce CRM.

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