XANT Announces Omniture is Beta Test Client of Dialer Solution for SalesForce.com


Provo, Utah – July 30, 2008 – XANT, the leader in hosted dialers solutions for business-to-business (B2B) today announced that Omniture, the top Web analytics company, has been successfully beta testing PowerDialer for SalesForce.com throughout most of 2008.  The beta release of XANT’s flagship PowerDialer solution integration into Salesforce.com was announced July 10, 2008.

The PowerDialer uses a simple interface to provide fully integrated marketing software toolsets for lead management, outbound / inbound dialing, voice messaging, email, fax, monitoring, recording, and call management reporting capabilities from within the Salesforce.com interface.

The PowerDialer stands out as a complete dialing solution elegantly optimized for B2B and complex B2C solutions rather than a simple ‘click-to-call’ feature or predictive dialers for telemarketers.  A hosted power dialer is specifically designed to increase productivity by 200% to 300%, while a ‘click-to-call’, though convenient, makes very little impact on productivity.  And a predictive dialer, though very powerful for simple B2C applications, has fallen into disfavor with recent FCC legislation amid public outcry and is often unsuitable for professional salespeople who sell remotely.

“We searched extensively for a robust dialing and lead response management solution integrated with Salesforce.com and found only XANT,” said Mikel Chertudi, Senior Director of Demand & Online Marketing at Omniture.  “The XANT lead management solution facilitates lead follow-up strategies that are quickly becoming standards in the lead management industry.  We have seen dramatic improvement in driving value from our leads as we have implemented these strategies and solutions.”

XANT recently opted to integrate many of its nearly two dozen patent-pending telephony toolsets into Salesforce.com, the worldwide leader in hosted CRM solutions in an effort to focus on the unique elements of its product not duplicable by the competition.

“We have made the strategic decision to integrate our telephony technologies into the leading CRM, ERP, and Contact Management solutions,” said David Elkington, chairman and CEO at XANT.com. “We feel that our dialer and lead response management technologies differentiate us far more than anything else, we are already seeing incredible opportunities by partnering on the Salesforce.com AppExchange platform.”

About XANT
XANT was the first telephony-based lead management solution and gained prominence with their recent research papers in conjunction with Kellogg and MIT on the impact of immediate response to Web leads.  Its newest product, PowerDialer for Salesforce.com, integrates its flagship power dialer solution directly using the Salesforce API and stands out among the twenty other click-to-call dialers that integrate with Salesforce.  Additional telephony, lead nurturing, and lead management tools in the process of being integrated, include award-winning Web form callback technology, autodialers, voice broadcasting, and lead nurturing solutions.
XANT offers beta-test companies a full version for free, to learn more visit https://www.XANT.

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Ken Krogue

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