With XANT CARES, we’ll work with you to quickly implement our Playbooks engagement platform, provide access to hours of online training and user content, and provide 24/5 access to our world-class technical support team.

Check out the details:


1. What is included in implementation?

The chart below shows what Playbook features are included in the XANT CARES program.

2. What to Expect During Implementation

  • We’ll need a 1-hour phone call with one of our XANT CARES Technical Consultants to help you with initial setup of your Playbooks org.
  • To help you move quickly, we’ll connect directly to your production Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365*.
  • Your CRM Admin needs to join the initial call to facilitate the setup and integration of Playbooks into your CRM.  During that call, we will be doing a few things:
    • Setting up an integration user to connect Playbooks to your CRM.  We will need the full name, email address and CRM User ID for that user.
    • Whitelisting Playbooks IP addresses to ensure connectivity with your CRM.  We’ll supply the specific IP addresses to whitelist on the call.
    • Installing some basic fields and reports into your CRM
    • Bookmarking critical pages and resources to enable you to use Playbooks, including the Playbooks Admin Manager Portal and the XANT Help Center.
  • Please register and complete the Introduction to Playbooks Course on XANT University so that you can hit the ground running!
  • Once we have you setup and connected to your CRM, we’ll point you to our Quick Launch Guide to get your team using Playbooks as quickly as possible.

*Sandbox installs not included.

3. What Happens After Implementation?

  • After Playbooks is implemented, you’ll have access to XANT University and our Introduction to Playbooks course.  Don’t forget to bookmark the link to XANT University and keep an eye out for additional content that is being launched soon.
  • XANT Help Center provides hundreds of articles and answers to commonly-asked questions.
  • Finally, Playbooks customers have access to XANT Technical Support, available online (live chat) within Playbooks, or by phone, 24/5, to answer your questions live.