What’s the best kind of Dialer for you?


White Phone Dial alanclarkdesignLast week I wrote about what you can do to get the most out of your Auto Dialer.  Look forward to me highlighting in the future different kinds of dialers, and what you can expect from them. This week .

What’s the best kind of Dialer for you? Part 1

Several varieties of dialers exist. Click-to-call, auto dialers, ratio, and predictive dialers have each been available and used by remote sales businesses for decades. These dialers were developed by companies who wanted to be able to churn through thousands of leads a day while identifying the easiest sales. Over time advancements in dialer technology has led to a more refined and customer focused alternative. This alternative is the power dialer.

Power dialers still meet the fundamental goal of all dialers – they help sales representatives call more leads each day. An average rep can call two or three times the amount of leads in a day using a power dialer than he could call dialing manually. While this number is lower than with some other kinds of dialers, its impressive enough to justify the investment in such software.

Power dialers go beyond increasing the amount of calls to bettering the quality of those calls. For example, a power dialer’s process of calling one lead at a time for each sales representative eliminates entirely the standard dropped call rate of other dialer software, such as predictive or ratio. This allows remote sales businesses to have a much higher return on investment on the leads they have spent time and money acquiring. Besides delivering a higher contact rate, this individual attention to each contact leads to a higher closer rate as well. It is hard to feel like purchasing after having to wait on the line until a telemarketer can become available to speak with them, or hearing a recorded message sent to them by an auto dialer.

Power dialers readily integrate with other telephony software solutions. This integration enhances the auto dialer’s capacity greatly. By pairing the dialer with a Customer Relationship Manager, all relevant data from the call is recorded and saved in a centralized database. As other calls to the same lead are placed or received the Customer Relationship Manager can automatically retrieve and display this saved information for any sales rep on the system. Voice messaging technology allows sales representatives using a power dialer to leave pre-recorded messages automatically when calls go unanswered. While the software does this the sales rep can move on to their next call. The time that would normally be spent leaving messages is spent making more calls and closing more sales instead. Inbound call blending is a third telephony solution that enhances a power dialer even further. With this technology incoming calls can be routed to sales representatives who are making outbound calls with the auto dialer. This call blending increases productivity by eliminating the need to have separate inbound and outbound teams.

There are so many benefits to switching to a power dialer that remote sales businesses, especially B2B, can easily justify the benefit of doing so.

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