Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-25

  • More trends in education 46% in poll say teachers should be paid on performance, 36% on tenure, 13% on a combination #
  • Applications to Ivy Leagues soaring "Flight to quality" is "best safeguard you have at maximizing your opportunities" #
  • Article on "Demand for charter schools skyrockets" because parents know public schools are failing 78% of America agree #
  • Things in Utah are great, I wish I had more time to enjoy the recent snow we have had up on the slopes. #
  • Great article on "Why Content is King No More…" Now Cycle, Connection, Content, Conversions and Conversation are key #
  • Brents 1/4 acre Ice Castle is 40 feet high and still growing, see it before it starts to melt – at Midway #
  • New study from MIT on lead response by Dr. Oldroyd / XANT released for download focuses on HOW to respond #

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