TIME WASTER #9 of 15: Voicemail and Answering Machines


TIME WASTER #9 of 15: Voicemail and Answering Machines

Up to 60% of all calls a sales rep makes can go to voicemail or an answering machine, either directly or when routed by a receptionist. If a lead generation rep makes 200 calls in a day and 60% of these calls go to voicemail, he or she could leave 120 voice messages that average about 1 minute long. A single rep could waste 2 hours leaving messages—and that doesn’t include the time spent dialing and being transferred to a decision-maker’s voicemail box!

Most reps don’t make that many calls and don’t bother leaving nearly that many messages, but what if they could?  We have seen call-back ratios that range from less than 1% to as high as 22%. Clearly, there is a potential ROI—but is it worth the gamble?

Recent technology allows a sales rep to prerecord an entire library of voice messages in his own voice. When he is sent to voicemail, he can select an appropriate message to leave with the click of a button before immediately moving on to the next call. Since these digitally recorded .wav files are often recorded over the phone and saved to a CRM or dialer system, they cannot be distinguished from a live call.

In one series of tests using this technology, we saw an average call-back rate of 4.8%–far higher than other forms of direct marketing. What’s more, the prospects never suspected that they had received a pre-recorded message.


Best Practice: Provide voice-messaging technology coupled with dialers to increase your sales’ reps effectiveness without taking any additional time.

Also see our paper on Impression MarketingTM for more detailed information on effective techniques that use this technology.

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