TIME WASTER #3 of 15: Poor Performance Management


Performance Management consists of clear objectives, fair goals, simple priorities, and immediate feedback. In order for your sales team to succeed, you must first define exactly what—and when—you want things done. Each salesperson should have a job description and certain priorities that make sense in your business. Prioritize leads, lists, sales stages, size of accounts, etc., so your salespeople are soon thinking along the same lines that you are. Communicate to your team what you expect from them and continually let them know how they are doing in reference to your expectations.

Best Practice: Make sure every one of your objectives can be measured. Provide feedback—both positive and negative—quickly and in a way that is fair and reasonable. In sales, you can provide the best feedback by playing back a sales rep’s recent interaction with a prospect or customer and using it as a training opportunity.

Author: Ken Krogue |
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