XANT Rollouts – The Best of June


In June we put our hands on JabberDog, the Files tab, and your credit card.

We added JabberDog calls to the Dialer Usage report for enhanced analysis of voice broadcast calls. Now you can see who the Dog called, how long he barked, and what the results of the said incident were.

Added a listen button in the Files tab on recorded calls. Have you ever wanted to hear yourself talk  but had to wait until the next day to do so? Well now the Listen button on recorded calls enables real time download of the file.  Have fun.

Auto recharge on dialer minutes set to 2 week average. We now calculate your company’s average usage over two weeks and charge the card that amount. This  helps prevent our clients from running out of minutes and helps us keep our costs down by recuing the number transactions we have to process. We are really trying to put our hands on your card less often.

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