My sales performance is awesome. I'm "that guy." You want to buy from me. Admit it. I’m not really sure when or where I first heard the Internet meme of “that guy.”

“Hey, don’t be ‘that guy,’ okay?”

“You’re acting like ‘that guy’ right now, dude.”

At some point, everyone on the planet has met “that guy”—and on at least one occasion we’ve probably been “that guy.”

(Before continuing, I realize that the phrase “that guy” could be construed as being sexist. In truth, “that guy” and “that girl” can be interchangeable in most situations, but for the purposes of this article, I’m going to stick with just “that guy,” because A. it’s easier than saying “that guy/girl” all the time, and B. let’s face it, the syndrome of “that guy” is waaaay more common than “that girl.” Men are just normally bigger jerks than women, end of story. So, if any women out there are “that girl,” my apologies for not including you here. Feel free to add your voice to the comments expressing your displeasure) . . . .

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