mission_impossibleBusinesses of all sizes have more options than ever when it comes to outsourcing basic services to save time and costs.

IT. Payroll. Shipping. Point-of-sale. Credit checks. Credit card processing. Legal.

I bring this up because at some point, a lot of companies ask the same question about their sales organization: “Can we outsource this?”

The reasons for asking are pretty compelling. For businesses without a lot of experience, building a fully-realized sales team—one that’s aligned with company goals, product, and marketing initiatives—is at best a challenge. At worst it’s Mission: Impossible.

The problem is so pervasive that at least once a month we get a prospect who expresses disappointment that we AREN’T an outsourced sales prospecting company (“Oh, you mean you just sell the product and consulting, you don’t actually make the sales calls? Shoot.”) . . . .

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