Seth Godin is a pretty smart guy. I own several of his books, and I typically enjoy reading his blog to get interesting snippets of marketing conversation.

His posts are usually short and aren’t always earth shattering, but they always have a clear underlying message, and they almost always get me thinking.

Today’s blog entry was no different, but I wanted to add a small corollary to his post.

As he has stated on many, many other occasions, Seth’s message was once again that the company that “wins the battle” is the one that creates new and unique ways to interact his/her vendors and customers, the one who doesn’t act like a “faceless factory.”

Here’s my addendum: You need to be a “faceless factory” before you can be anything else.

Let me explain what I mean . . . .

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This online series highlights the 15 time-wasters we have observed in nearly every business with whom we have associated since rolling out our product in 2004. Each section will address a single major time waster and provide a “best practice” that will give you a place to start eliminating the problem.

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