leads-3d-graph-smAt some point, every sales manager on the planet has heard a sales rep gripe about how and when they’re getting their leads.

“Who’s deciding this?”

“Why aren’t I getting more leads?”

“Why aren’t I getting more leads from industry X / hot leads / leads for large accounts?”

Most companies struggle to find and keep a consistent stream of good, warm leads, and handing out a fresh, qualified lead can almost feel like an event in and of itself—but that doesn’t mean a rep asking these questions is out of line.

However the decision is made, the fact is that lead distribution is a selection process. Somewhere along the way, someone is making a decision about how leads are being handed out. Even if the decision is totally random / ad hoc, that’s still a decision . . . .

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Lead Response Management is the process of responding to leads at the optimal time to achieve the highest contact and qualification rates. Dr. Oldroyd shows … if you can call back a lead within 5 minutes, you are 10 times more likely to contact a lead, and 6 times more likely to qualify a lead than by waiting even 30 minutes.

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Lead Management encompasses many different areas: Lead Capture, Lead Routing, Lead Source Tracking, Lead Response Management, and Lead Qualification. Lead Capture is the process of getting someone who clicks to your site to fill out a form.  The look, feel, and length of the form are technically part of the web design; but what does…

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