What sales lead management methods do you apply? Learn how to maximize the tools marketing teams can use to improve their prospecting system and sales cycle. RELATED: Aligning Lead Management And Sales Management In this article: Challenges Sales and Marketing Pros Face Sales vs Marketing: Fight Best Lead Generation Methods to Drive Revenue The Role of…

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Driving performance requires accurate and focused measures of performance.  This is especially the case for account development and lead generation teams.  I have recently been interviewing both XANT customers and non-customers (predominantly from the B2B High Tech/Services/Telecom industries) to identify the optimal metric to use when measuring the success of account development reps.  I found that…

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3-point specialists - Every sales team needs them

Question: What do the names Eddie Johnson, JJ Redick, Trent Tucker, and Craig Hodges have in common?

Answer: They’re all NBA basketball players who were able to have successful careers primarily by being proficient at one thing (and not much else):

Making three-point shots.

These were players who realized that the highest value to their teams was to focus on what they did well—and develop as many “sub-skills” around that core value as they could.

JJ Redick will never win a dunk contest, or be considered anything more than a mediocre defender—but he has perfected the art of coming off screens, and has a lightning-quick shot release.

It’s not always the case, but in today’s Sales 2.0 World, a lot of the time it’s better to be fantastically good at one thing than to be average at half-a-dozen . . . .

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