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“Like a rhythm unbroken, like drums in the night … like sweet soul music, like sunlight … “

Anyone who knows me well can attest to my rabid fanhood of the band U2.

Not so rabid that I travel halfway across the globe looking for rare European-release-only singles on vinyl, mind you—but a huge fan nonetheless. I own every studio album they’ve ever produced, three concert videos, worn out five different t-shirts, and have a CD I created myself that is nothing but five different versions of their song “Bad” (to say I like the song “Bad” by U2 is like saying Bostonians occasionally like to watch baseball).

So when I ran into this story on sales consulting firm Blaire Group’s Web site, I had to jump at the chance of incorporating the music of the Greatest Rock Band of All Time into a blog post about the sales industry . . . .

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