State of Sales Development 2018

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The sales development role is a necessity in all modern sales teams. Sales development reps are the phone warriors that make sure the sales pipeline is filled with qualified leads and no account executive can do without them. The debate still rages on though about what is the optimal structure, systems and compensation to make sure they are successful. In order to better understand the sales development role, we polled 320 companies in partnership with AA-ISP, Tenbound, Vengreso and SalesBuzz. The State of Sales Development 2018 Report shows exactly what sales teams today are doing to empower their SDR’s to get more closeable pipeline faster, looking at inbound, outbound and hybrid sales development reps, working in teams that are both account-based and high velocity sales models and chasing both small and large deals.

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During this study, we also compared the results to our State of Sales Development 2017 study, to see how things have changed in one year in the SDR world.


Where the sales development role fits in a modern sales team and who does it report to
What are the tools and cadence structure that SDR’s are using to win their deals
What are SDR’s doing every day to win and how does your team compare?

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