Playbooks™ Live Demo

How to use Playbooks™ to Drive Productivity, Visibility, and Effectiveness from a Remote Environment.

Date: Friday, March 20
Time: 8:00am PT / 11am ET

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These are unprecedented times and we know a lot of people are doing their best to stop the spread of COVID-19. The biggest thing we can all do is practice social distancing, and this means many of you will be working from home for the next few weeks. But how do you stay efficient, productive, and maintain visibility from a remote working environment?

Joins us this Friday, March 20 at 8:00am PT, as we share best practices around working remotely and show you how you can use Playbooks™ to continue to drive efficiencies, be productive, and maintain visibility into all of your own and your team’s activities.

Join the webinar to learn:
  • Tips and tricks to working remotely
  • How to use Playbooks™ to keep track of all your selling activity
  • What KPIs should you focus on