How to Dramatically Improve Your Cold Call

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Over 60% of salespeople now conduct at least half of their meetings over the phone or online. Whether you’re an inside or outside rep, one thing is clear: “virtual” sales call are a big deal. But how can you actually improve the value of your virtual outreach?

There are many opinions, but not much actual research.

Until now.

A recent report from Corporate Visions and XANT shows exactly what the actions are that dramatically improve your virtual cold call. This eBook covers brand new research that answers one key question: What does it take to be remarkable, memorable, and compelling in a virtual environment?

The cold calling tips in this eBook will help you chart a new path forward for sales dialogue.


Should you use a PowerPoint presentation, or a whiteboard in a virtual call?
How to use interactive visual storytelling to increase value in communication
How to talk in a virtual environment so that your prospects listen

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