New Native Dialer Technologies for Salesforce CRM


November 24th 2009 – Provo, UT – XANT the pioneer of lead response management technology today announced a click-to-call dialer called Reach for Salesforce, and a B2B power dialer called Domino for Salesforce. Both technologies are developed natively within the development environment.

Reach for Salesforce is the first click-to-call to include the patent-pending ability to leave a voice message with the click of a button from a library of pre-recorded voice messages in the sales reps own voice. This allows the rep to leave a perfect voice message every time in less than a second and move on to the next call, dramatically increasing call backs and overall productivity. And with every call stat tracked automatically, sales management now has visibility never before possible.

MDeverywhere uses CRM and XANT dialer to increase productivity by 33.3% over other dialer

Internal research by XANT has shown an average call back response ratio of 4.8% for voice messaging left with technology and following best practices.

Domino for Salesforce allows a sales rep using the Salesforce CRM to search for a list they want to call through quickly and move the entire list into the B2B power dialer with the click of a button. Then XANT brings to bear nearly two dozen “power tool” technologies that combine to significantly increase the productivity of remote sales professionals.

“We are constantly asked why a B2B power dialer should be added to the Salesforce CRM,” said Dave Elkington, CEO of XANT. “We think this is the single most powerful tool you can give a remote sales rep because it has a significant effect on revenue and productivity when used correctly.”

A power dialer differs from predictive dialers in that it is specifically designed for B2B or complex B2C selling environments where predictive dialers are not able to navigate receptionists, voice mail, and auto attendants. The power dialer leaves the rep in charge of directing the pace and flow but increases speed with nearly two dozen telephony objects that leave voice messages, send emails or faxes, schedule callbacks, records or monitors calls, etc. with the single click of a button.

About XANT

XANT pioneered lead response management technology with research done with Dr. James Oldroyd of Kellogg, MIT and SKKU. XANT is an AppExchange partner with two native B2B phone dialer products embedded in Salesforce CRM. Companies like MDeverywhere,, and Dun & Bradstreet use XANT. Go to https://www.XANT.

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Ken Krogue

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