TIME WASTER #4 of 15: Low Levels of Motivation


Low motivation usually arises from one of the problem areas previously mentioned (poor strategy, mis-hiring, unclear objectives, unfair goals, complex priorities, and slow feedback) as well as from poor leadership, lack of discipline and accountability, and a win-lose or lose-lose pay plan.

Salespeople want to sell as much as possible as easily as possible. They will be quickly demoralized when obstacles that are outside of their control prevent them from succeeding.

These things tend to dampen sales teams’ motivation:

  1. Pay plans that reward actions and events beyond the employees’ control.
  2. Pay plans that take too long to reward success.
  3. Lack of immediate recognition.
  4. Lack of clarity about expectations.
  5. Goals that are set too high.
  6. Lack of leads or good lists.
  7. Products or services the salespeople don’t believe in.
  8. Working for a Sales Manager who isn’t perceived as fair.
  9. Poor communication of what is good and bad.

Best Practice: Ask your salespeople what motivates them, do your homework with the experts, make a list viable incentives and get started.

Author: Ken Krogue |
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