If Governments Were Like Ranching


One of my favorite trainers that used to come teach us when I worked at Franklin Quest (now FranklinCovey) was Joel Weldon. He tells the story of a high school teacher who found this illustration in a cattlemans publication and would share it at the first of his social studies classes every year:

  • In socialism, if you have two cows, the government takes one and gives it to your neighbor.
  • In communism, the government takes both cows and gives you the milk.
  • In fascism, you keep both cows, the government takes the milk and sells it back to you.
  • In New Dealism, the government shoots one cow and pours the others milk down the drain.
  • In nazism, the government takes both cows and shoots you.
  • In capitalism, you sell one cow and buy a bull.

What do we call what is going on now?

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