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Welcome to your ClubXANT Personalized Gift Experience. Thanks to the travel restrictions, we can't meet on the beach to party. Instead, we upped the per-person budget and turned it into a set of amazing gifts that you'll never forget! In addition to the gifts you should receive today, we want to let you choose your own style from the gifts indicated below.

Please download the watch PDF below and select a watch. Once you've made your selection, please send the description to, along with your address.


The watches will be engraved with the XANT logo and ClubXANT FY20.

Customize a pair of Nike shoes for both you and your significant other for up to $150 each. Once you've made your selection, please save your design, click share and a link will be generated which you'll need to send to, along with your shoe size(s) and address.

Your shoes should arrive a few weeks after the order is placed. Your watch may take a few weeks to a few months depending upon your selection. Everything may be a bit delayed due to Covid19.