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Whenever I read a great book, I summarize it so I can learn better and recall it later.  I have been asked to make some of my “Ken’s Notes” available. Here is the Final Play of  “Behind the Cloud” by Marc Benioff, the founder of  Scroll to the bottom for links to the other Parts – Ken Krogue

Play #111: Make Everyone Successful

Clayton Christensen wrote The Innovators Dilemma about how disruptive technologies beat the big established companies.

Examples of disruption:

  • The End of Software
  • 1-1-1 philanthropic model: donated $14 million, 6000 non profits, 150,000 hours of community service.

By making all of your stakeholders successful, we ignited or own success.

Many companies made it big during difficult times. “The storm is the time to fish.”

The most successful businesspeople are driven by profits and purpose.

Einstein had three rules of work:

  1. Out of clutter find simplicity
  2. From discord find harmony
  3. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity

Imagine, Invent, Disrupt.

Aloha, Marc

Here are links to the rest of my notes on “Behind the Cloud” by Marc Benioff, I’ll notify of new summaries of other books I do on my Twitter/LinkedIn accounts – Ken Krogue

Part 1 – The Start-Up Playbook – How to Turn a Simple Idea into a High-Growth Company
Part 2 – The Marketing Playbook – How to Cut Through the Noise and Pitch the Bigger Picture
Part 3 – The Events Playbook – How to Use Events to Build Buzz and Drive Business
Part 4 – The Sales Playbook – How to Energize Your Customers into a Million-Member Sales Team
Part 5 – The Technology Play Book – How to Develop Products Users Love
Part 6 – The Corporate Philanthropy Playbook – Make Your Company About More Than the Bottom Line
Part 7 – The Global Playbook – How to Launch Your Product and Introduce Your Model to New Markets
Part 8 – The Finance Playbook – How to Raise Capital, Create a Return, and Never Sell Your Soul
Part 9 – The Leadership Playbook – How to Create Alignment—the Key to Organizational Success
The Final Play

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