Buzz Marketing: Beanie Babies, Flying Wrenches, and Ice Castles

Brent Christenson is one of my favorite people. He is scrappy, and that is a trait that is getting harder and harder to find.  I have found that the single most important success ingredient in running an inside sales department is a scrappy manager; so I look for stories of “scrappiness” and share them when I find them.  Here’s one:

By summer he runs a small engine repair business he calls throughout all of northern Utah County. When he told me he was starting that business years ago I thought he was crazy. But with three or four mobile mini-van repair vehicles and several employees later, he definitely proved me wrong.

What does an owner of a small engine repair business do to drum up more business? Normal owners would take out an ad in the Yellow Pages or hand out business cards; not Brent. He shoots Beanie Babies from a home-made compressed air cannon dozens of feet into the sky to the thousands in the Alpine Days Parade. And he does it while riding on the roof of his Flying Wrench van every single year.

When one of his many vans isn’t out on a service call it is parked in a field very close to I-15 in American Fork so hundreds of thousands of passing motorists get exposed to the Flying Wrench as the summer days fly by. That takes work, and time, and thought. Brent executes his plan, he never stops.

And while every other summer small business owner is hibernating during winter, Brent builds newsworthy ice castles that cover a fourth of an acre and grow every day to as high as 40 feet before the winter is over.  He works 14 hours a day with ice crimpons, sprinklers, and 1000’s of icicles. Who wouldn’t talk about a 40 foot Christmas Ice Castle? Buzz Marketers think outside of the bun.

Everybody in Alpine knows about Brent and loves him. What many don’t know is that he has been supporting two missionaries at the same time he is running his business, shooting beanie babies, and building ice castles.

If you get a chance, watch the video and spread the word about his amazing ice castle, and visit the Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah.

Keep up the buzz Brent!

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