XANT Rollouts – August’s cool enhancements

Top enhancements for August include  timers and warnings and duping, oh my.

Timers used to track employee login and dialer usage time now stop even if the user forgets to stop them when they log out. This enhancement increases the accuracy our timers used to calculate efficiencies in dialing and total hours worked or not worked.

We added a warning in the dialer to save lead. Often times when calling the last lead using the dialer, a user will log out of the dialer or close the browser without saving the changes to the lead.  Now we give the user a friendly reminder to save before exiting thus preventing an accidental loss of data and a frantic call to the supervisor.

We also created a time frame option on Duplicate Check. Now when using the duplicate check while posting a lead you can specify the age in which a lead will be marked as a duplicate.  For instance,  if a leads comes in that has a match but the match is older than dirt, the system will allow the new lead in without marking the new lead as a duplicate.

There are email, print, and export options for all billing transactions in the Manage Billing page. By adding this enhancement you can now export billing transactions that need to be imported into your accounting software, email the bill to your boss, or just waste some paper by printing them off. (Please consider the environment before printing)

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