10 Talking Points about XANT

I got asked again today how to talk about XANT. This question comes up several times a week so I thought it would be good to make is easily accessible in the future.

1. XANT (IS) was the first company to blend hosted power dialer technology inside a CRM solution. Now we don’t sell much of our own lead management CRM; but we recommend salesforce.com as a much more complete solution instead and we integrate our dialers inside of Salesforce.com.

2. IS sells a power dialer for B2B and complex B2C inside sales, not a predictive dialer for B2C or telemarketing.

3. IS has four main suites of Products: Outbound Dialers, Inbound Call Routing, Lead Management CRM, Intelligent Workflow (automated marketing or lead nurturing) products. These products help respond to leads immediately and consistently to dramatically increase contact and qualification rates.

4. We pioneered and invented Lead Response Management in conjunction with MIT research. This means we built tools to immediately capture leads and respond to them in 8-10 seconds while the person is still by their phone.

5. We work best for companies with lots of web leads and an inside sales or lead generation department.

6. We focus on increasing the qualification of leads from your existing marketing spends. Most company reps make 4-5 attempts to reach a lead, so at an average contact rate of 10%, that means only 45% of leads EVER GET CONTACTED. We teach companies to respond immediately (70-80% contact rates) and consistently (make 10-20 calls). Internally we contact 92% of our leads.

7. Most Outside sales reps contact 10-25 people a day. Most inside sales reps contact 35-50 people a day. Our reps contact 350 people a day. It’s about the numbers.

8. Most companies have a ‘generalist’ model where a rep does everything from prospecting to closing, and they leave the rep to do it all themselves without supplying leads. We advocate a ‘specialist’ model, like an assembly line: Researchers, Fronters, Appointment Setters, and Closers. The Kellogg study showed specialist companies have a significantly higher close rate than generalists.

9. Our solution would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy, but companies rent access to it on a SaaS model at $100-$150 per month per rep. They pay for what they use and prepay “chunks” for  long distance. Our long distance costs range $80-$120 per month (but they most companies are already paying that to someone else, so we just move the cost to us.) 1 year renewing contracts.

10. We sell our dialer and lead management CRM solution to the inside sales department, and we sell our web capture and lead nurturing to the marketing departments. We sit optimally between a company website and their CRM solution; we facilitate the hand-off between sales and marketing and help squeeze more value out of leads.

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